Concentrates Review: “Kryptonite/Blueberry”, “Kind Mind”, and “Blueberry/Golden Goat/Gumbo Waxes” from “Huxley’s”

Written by brokenlungz

One of my buddies stopped in tonight to check out my new rig and sample some Huxley’s Concentrates from Durango Organics.  I felt like only one of them wasn’t very good at all.  Let’s break it down:

Kryptonite/Blueberry was the MVP of tonight’s session!  The color of this stuff is interesting, looks brown and orange to me.  The texture is that of a waxy pre-honeycomb state.   It breaks apart when you touch it, so it isn’t very stable.

KryptoBlueberry (4)

The piney aroma from the Kryptonite definitely comes through, but is overpowered by a more lemon pinesol type scent.  Very pleasing to the nose.  The lemon/pine definitely came through on the flavor as well.  It wasn’t harsh, and it didn’t leave ANY RESIDUALS in my Honey Bucket, which is great.  Had a nice, balanced high, probably from the Hybrid qualities of the Blueberry strain.  Pretty impressed with this one!

KryptoBlueberry (6)

Next up was Kind Mind.  I honestly have no idea what this is.  I don’t know what the strains are, as I can’t find any info on any bud with the name “Kind” or “Mind” in it.  Nevertheless, I really liked this stuff.  The appearance of it is that of some yellow ear wax.

KindMind (2)

I was smelling a lot of pine coming through, but the flavor tasted like an orange/citrus taste that I have tasted before from an Orange Dream strain from Durango Organics.  It left a clean taste in my mouth, not musty or weird like some concentrates.  It did leave a LITTLE RESIDUE in my Honey Bucket, but it was tolerable.  It left us with a nice heady high, not feeling sluggish from it at all.

KindMind (3)

Last, and definitely least, is Blueberry/Golden Goat/Gumbo.  I’m gonna be real honest here:  this stuff was NOT GOOD!  The texture might not look much different than the last one but the color is way different.  It looks like some brown wax, very dull looking.

BlueGoatGum (2)

I couldn’t figure out any particular kind of smell from this one; very bland, same goes for the flavor.  The worst part about this was it sizzled pretty bad, with oil flying out of my Honey Bucket.  Most likely butane!  It was super harsh too, hurt my throat pretty bad,  So that’s all that needs to be said about this one, if you see it, I would NOT RECOMMEND this one to anyone who cares about what they smoke!

BlueGoatGum (6)

I left this session feeling great, aside from the coughing fit and burning throat from the last one.  As far as flavor goes, the Kind Mind had the best to me.  The Kryptonite/Blueberry left the least residuals, and did have a fantastic lemon pinesol aroma and flavor, so I have to give it to that one!
Thanks to my buddy Chewberto for coming through with these!  Gonna have more concentrate reviews coming soon with the help of him!

Thanks for reading, and stay lifted!

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